Furnace repair & replacement in new jersey

Checking pipe gas boiler. Furnace systems work by heating air and distributing it through your duct work. There are no leak or freezing worries and they are relatively easy to maintain. Different furnace technologies affect the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating, so they may have different required maintenance. While the total unit and installation cost is less than a boiler, the air quality is not as good because it relies on a filter to reduce allergens and airborne pathogens. Talk to the furnace experts at A. Bailey Plumbing and Heating if you are experiencing noticeably poor air quality. Adding a humidifier will make vast improvements to your air quality.


While the furnace is simpler mechanically, regular scheduled maintenance is recommended to avoid repairs. Changing the air filters once a month can have the deepest impact on performance and air quality. Your furnace still requires seasonal maintenance from a professional to replace parts that extend its life and function.


If you are working your standard furnace overtime in the winter to heat your home, you may need to audit your home and furnace system to find the culprit. The knowledgeable heating experts at A. Bailey Plumbing and Heating will help you address your home’s opportunity for improvement before recommending a system upgrade.

Sealing up drafts around windows and paying attention your energy usage from month to month will help make the decision to upgrade your furnace system to one with a better AFUE rating.