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Plumbing leaks can cause widespread devastation and are one of the most dangerous plumbing problems your home can face. In the case of burst pipes or major leaks, the devastation is fast and almost unpreventable. However, many times leaks can cause serious damage to your home slowly and quietly. These smaller leaks are almost impossible to detect, specially if they are in a location that’s either completely hidden from view or somewhere that you simply don’t pay attention to all that often, such as a pinhole leak in a pipe running through your walls or beneath the slab your home is built on. How are you supposed to protect your home from damage due to a problem you can’t see or find all on your own? The answer is with Central New Jersey leak detection services from the professionals at Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling!

At Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling, we understand the danger that leaks can pose, and we want to help you put a stop to them as quickly as possible. We offer fast and accurate leak detection services that use the latest in high-tech tools and professional training to ensure accuracy. When there’s a leak in your home, we’ll work quickly to not only find it but fix it so you can go back to living in stress-free peace. All of our leak detection services are backed by our guarantee of quality: if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make things right. Customers throughout Central New Jersey have known they can turn to us for help with all of their plumbing leaks since 1989, and we intend on upholding that longstanding reputation with every customer we serve today.

Don’t let a leak stress you out; call Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling at (800) 717-1793 and we’ll find it and fix it for you right away!

How We Detect Leaks?

In the past, detecting leaks was educated guesswork. Today, that doesn’t have to be the case. Our plumbers have a wide range of equipment they can use to tell you if you have a leak and then find it, wherever it might be in your plumbing system. Leaks leave telltale signs that reverberate throughout your plumbing system, and we use modern listening and pressure testing equipment to figure out what your leak problem is, and then where it is as well.

Some of the Methods We Use to Detect Leaks Include:

  • Pressure test: After draining all of the water from your pipes, we fill them with air under pressure. Then we keep a close eye on a pressure gauge. If the gauge indicates a slow loss of pressure, it’s usually due to a leak.
  • Listening test: After filling pipes with pressure, escaping air makes a rushing sound. We use a sophisticated, extremely sensitive microphone to listen for the sound of escaping air, allowing us to find leaks in walls and even in your foundation.
  • Meter test: After shutting off all water in your home, your water meter shouldn’t be spinning. If it is, then we know you have a leak somewhere in one of your main water lines.

How Do Plumbing Leaks Form?

Plumbing leaks can form for a number of different reasons. Much like drain clogs, leaks are one of those issues that are simply unavoidable—no matter how well you care for your plumbing system, a leak will happen eventually. However, unlike clogs where the cause is fairly straightforward, if unavoidable, leaks can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are preventable, while others simply can’t be avoided. Still other causes of leaks are as a result of something that a homeowner simply can’t avoid, no matter how much they might try to counteract it.

Leaks Can Happen in Water Lines and Faucets for a Variety of Reasons, Including:

  • Your water pressure is too high
  • Your pipes are aging
  • Your pipes have suffered significant corrosion
  • Your water is poor-quality, leading to pH that’s too high or too low
  • Your main water lines are too small, resulting in excessive strain
  • You have hard water, leading to scale buildup in water lines

Leaks in exposed areas are generally easy to spot and fix, however not all leaks are in these easy and convenient areas. It’s not unheard of for leaks to form in hidden places, including in pipelines that run through your walls and even in the concrete slab beneath your feet that your home is built on. A slab leak is a devastating problem that requires substantial skill and knowledge to be able to address properly, as it could require considerable upheaval of your home. No matter where your leak might be, you can count on Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling to find it and provide you with a quality repair solution

Where Are Leaks Found?

Leaks can be nearly anywhere in a normal plumbing system, but there are a few places where they are more common than others. Leaks in the middle of plumbing lines are not all that common, as the material here is usually at its thickest and most robust. Instead, leaks typically tend to happen wherever a pipe was not solid to begin with, such as at connections where pipes branch off or where different plumbing fixtures connect to your water lines.

Wherever your leak is, the team at Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling does everything we can to solve the problem while minimizing the impact on your home. Sometimes we simply don’t have a choice and we have to tear into walls or flooring in order to stop a leak from continuing to damage your home. However, by accurately detecting and locating your leak ahead of time, we can minimize this impact, reduce the amount of time needed to fix the problem, and give you a more satisfactory solution that gets you back to normal while also avoiding the possibility that the problem returns again soon.

Customer-Service Focused Leak Detection Solutions

Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling has always sought to earn the total and complete satisfaction of our customers by doing things the way they should be done. We treat every customer with respect and professionalism because it’s what they expect, and we go the extra mile to deliver services that exceed their expectations. We’re not only reliable, but fast as well—we offer same-day service with a smile, and will always get the job done right the first time. When you have a leak, we use sophisticated equipment to find it, allowing us to create a plan to fix it right the first time. We’re proud to be family-owned and operated, and that means you can expect personable service that takes a genuine interest in seeing your home or business fixed properly and brought back to working as normal.

Got a leak problem? Contact Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling and let us take care of it right away!

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