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Although furnace units and installations are cheaper than a boiler and are relatively easy to maintain, they do require regularly scheduled maintenance. Furnace systems heat and distribute air in your home or business via duct work. The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating varies by furnace technology, so units can have different maintenance needs.

Turn to the furnace experts at Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling to keep your furnace in good shape and to learn how to improve the air quality from your furnace system.

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Importance of Furnace Maintenance

While a furnace is a more mechanically simple system, it will need regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your air quality at its best. Since they distribute heat via ductwork, furnaces rely on filters to reduce allergens and airborne pathogens. Like other HVAC unites, regular maintenance is key to ensuring quality heating and the longevity of your unit.

Benefits of Furnace Tune-Ups in Wall Township Include:

  • Prevent Dangerous Situations – Regular furnace maintenance can alert you to potential dangers such as gas or carbon monoxide leaks. For systems not routinely checked, such instances can be easy to overlook.
  • Maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty – Most furnace manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on their heating systems. However, most companies require service records to show that you’ve made the concerted effort to care for the unit. If you haven’t kept up with regular maintenance, it’s going to be harder to make good on the warranty.
  • Stay Comfortable During Winter – When thinking of your comfort, it’s important to plan ahead with your furnace maintenance. By performing tune-ups on your unit before winter settles in, you can avoid any damage and stay comfortable as the temperature drops outside.
  • Save on Energy Bills – Issues like dirty filters or broken ducts can cost you in more than just repairs – they can increase your energy bill. By proactively maintaining your furnace, you can keep costs low and comfort high.

Simple maintenance tips such as these can keep your furnace running smoothly and help you avoid costly repairs. For affordable furnace maintenance in Wall Township and the surrounding areas, turn to Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling.

Maintenance You Can Perform May Include:

  • Changing your furnace filters once a month to improve your home’s air quality.
  • Adding a humidifier to balance out the drier air distributed by your furnace.

What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working?

Even with regular maintenance problems can still arise. With so many various working elements within the furnace, the possibility of a repair eventually being needed is high, and when your heat stops working, you want to know which of these parts is actually causing the issue. Damaged mechanical components, such as the burners, thermocouple, and blower motor, clogged air filters, faulty thermostats, electrical issues with the system’s wiring or a tripped circuit breaker, as well as general wear and tear on the system can all lead to a repair being needed. To best identify the source of the problem, it is recommended that you consult with a professional heater repair technician from our team. We will be able to thoroughly inspect your furnace to determine what exactly is causing the malfunction and what repair is needed.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair:

  • The furnace struggles to turn on
  • Your home isn’t receiving the level of heat needed
  • The pilot light has changed colors from blue to yellow
  • You notice unusual burning or mildew-like odors when the furnace is on
  • There is more dust throughout your home
  • Your system is producing cool air instead of warm air
  • The rooms throughout your home vary in temperature

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our company. Delaying a repair will only cause further damage, as well as a decrease in the system’s efficiency, and even an early breakdown in some cases.

How Often Should a Furnace Be Serviced?  

You should aim to schedule routine furnace maintenance at least once a year. However, it would be more ideal to have your furnace serviced in the spring and fall.  

How Does a Furnace Work?  

There are several types of furnaces, including gas, electric, and oil. Each type of furnace works a bit differently:  

  • Gas furnaces use either a pilot light or an electronic ignition system to set alight a burner within the combustion chamber. This process generates heat, which is absorbed by the heat exchanger, which is a metallic element that raises the temperature of the cool air delivered by the blower motor. 

  • Electric furnaces use electrical ignition to generate heat. Instead of a burner, they have electric heating elements that get hot when electricity passes through them.  

  • Oil furnaces work similarly to gas furnaces, but they use oil as fuel. 

The ignition system plays a critical role in starting the furnace. Once the ignition system has started the burner or heating elements, the heat exchanger comes into play. It absorbs the heat from the combustion gases or electric elements and transfers it to the air. 

The blower motor then pushes this heated air into the ductwork, distributing it throughout the home. It's important to note that the combustion gases produced in gas and oil furnaces are vented out of the home through a flue, ensuring safety. All these components work together efficiently to keep your home warm and comfortable. 

What Is a Furnace Filter?  

A furnace filter is an integral component of any home heating system. It's a removable, replaceable piece that sits between the intake and the furnace itself. Its primary function is to trap and hold various types of particulates and contaminants, such as dust, dirt, pollen, and bacteria, that circulate within your home's air.  

By doing so, the furnace filter not only helps to improve indoor air quality but also protects the furnace by preventing these particles from entering the system and causing damage. This process is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of the furnace. 

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