3 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat (Without Your AC!)

Ah, summer. A time for pool parties, heatstroke, and beach volleyball. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re likely looking for any opportunity to increase your comfort while lowering your energy bills.

Keep reading to learn some simple ways to stay cool — without using your air conditioner!

3 Ways to Keep Cool Without Cranking the AC

Annual maintenance and changing your air filter have a big impact on your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, there are more ways to stay cool without even turning the AC on!

1. Cookout(side)

Whether you use a gas or electric range, when you’re cooking with your oven or stove, you’re releasing heat into your home. That extra heat makes your air conditioner work twice as hard to cool the rest of your house down. The solution? Grab the tongs and get grilling!

Pro tip: Another easy way to stay cool for mealtimes in summer is to prepare no-cook meals like salad, fruit, spring rolls, and charcuterie boards.

2. Switch Your Fan

Did you know your fan rotates in two directions? Switching your fan to rotate counterclockwise creates a downdraft that can help you feel up to 8 degrees cooler!

Pro tip: Make sure to only use this tip when you’re in the same room as the fan. The windchill effect only works to make our skin feel cooler — it won’t actually reduce the temperature of a room.

3. Close the Curtains

The greenhouse effect may be widely used in relation to our climate, but it also works as a metaphor for your home in summer! When sunlight enters your home, it heats up a room. Typically, that heat has nowhere to escape once in your home. Close west-facing blinds or curtains during the day to prevent sunlight from cooking your home and making your AC work harder than it has to.

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