Dirty air filter

Three Reasons for Regular Filter Maintenance

We all know the summer months are fantastic for getting outside to enjoy the fresh air while having fun in the sun. While fresh outdoor air is great, it is also important to make sure the air inside your home is just as clean and healthy.

Air quality inside can be directly linked to your air filter. We recommend changing your air filter once a month. Disregarding regular AC filter maintenance not only can have a negative effect on your air quality, but also on your budget and your HVAC system’s performance.

Three Reasons for Regular Filter Maintenance

1. Mold/Bacteria Buildup

If an air filter goes too long without being changed, mold and bacteria can build up and eventually travel through your air ducts. This will cause a decrease in air quality and can lead to an increase in health issues such as severe allergies.

2. Less Worries for Your Wallet

A dirty air filter may not only affect your air quality but also your bank account. When a filter remains unchanged for a prolonged period of time, dust continues to build up, which eliminates the air’s ability to travel through the filter easily. The AC unit will try to overcompensate to make sure the air keeps flowing, which inevitably causes more energy to be used and bills to skyrocket.

3. Prevent HVAC System Failure

If an air filter becomes extremely clogged with dust and debris, it can block airflow over your air conditioner’s indoor coil. This can cause ice to form over the coil, which will prevent your air conditioner from cooling your home. If the problem becomes severe, your AC can become irreversibly damaged from overheating.

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