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Make Sure Your House is Okay When Away For Vacay

Vacation is about relaxing more and worrying less. While away from home, the last thing anyone wants to think about is a high energy bill upon their return. We want to help ease your mind by providing tips on avoiding this unnecessary expense.

Whether you are planning on soaking up sun rays in Tahiti or taking in the stunning views at a national park, add these simple tasks to your to-do list before you leave!

3 Simple Home Care Tasks To Do Before You Go

  1. Program Your Thermostat

It is understandable to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while you are present, but does your air conditioning system need to work so hard while you are away? Before you leave, be sure to set your thermostat at a temperature that is closer to the temperature outside. Doing this will give your unit a break from working so hard and eliminate the chance of a high electric bill upon your return. You do not need your AC working unnecessarily hard with nobody to enjoy it!

  1. Adjust The Blinds

Closing the blinds on all windows is another way to help save energy by keeping the sun's hot rays from glaring into your home. The blinds provide shade during the summer, which helps keep your house cool. When the house is naturally cool, the AC will exert less energy and help keep money in your pocket.

Using your window coverings will also help in the winter months. Closing the blinds helps keep warm air inside and cold air outside. When the warm air stays inside instead of escaping through the cold windows, your heating system will not have to work so hard to keep you comfortable!

  1. Unplug Electronics

Ensure all devices such as gaming consoles, televisions, computers, and anything else are unplugged from the outlet. This will not only eliminate energy consumption but will also decrease the chance of an electrical fire.

Bonus Tip!

Clean your house before you leave! Returning to a clean house will help you stay relaxed and adjust easily back into normal life.

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