Two HVAC units

Advantages of Installing a New HVAC System

HVAC systems are one of the most important investments to make for your home. They must work efficiently to ensure you get the most out of yours. Even with proper maintenance and tune-ups, the system will grow old and require replacement. Our experts recommend replacing a system older than ten years to help increase efficiency and overall air quality.

Problems Caused By Old Systems

Increased Monthly Bill

An aging system may seem to be working correctly but can be causing your energy bill to increase while decreasing your indoor air quality. The older unit needs to draw more energy to keep your house at the desired temperature, which will cause an increase in your monthly energy bill.

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

An older system negatively affects indoor air quality due to the years of buildup from dust and dander. Regular filter maintenance will help increase your system's longevity, but cannot catch everything. Over time, the debris will begin to collect in your system, causing it to circulate throughout your home.

Why Change Is Good

New Technology

Installation of a new system will increase the overall efficiency and allow you to take advantage of the latest technology available. For example, older units use Freon as a coolant, but with new advancements, experts have found that R-410A is more effective and less harmful to our environment. If your unit requires coolant, the cost could become much higher due to the decrease in demand for Freon.

Increased Efficiency

New systems have higher energy efficiency ratings measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio known as SEER. Through technological advancements, the new systems have a SEER rating of roughly 25. In contrast, older units have a rating of around ten or less.

Improved Comfort

Using variable-speed motors in new systems allows for better airflow, leading to improved comfort. This is due to air temperature distributing more evenly throughout each room.

Environmentally Friendly

Are you looking for ways to improve your carbon footprint? New units use up to one-third less fuel than their older counterparts which assists in the effort to conserve natural resources. Additionally, a new HVAC system will produce less exhaust, decreasing the pollution released into the air.

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