Garbage disposal

Why Does My Garbage Disposal Hum But Doesn't Work?

Our home plumbing system impacts our daily lives whether we realize it or not. If you’ve ever had a drain problem, you probably know the importance of your garbage disposal. But what do you do when it sounds like your disposal is working, but nothing is changing?

Common Causes of Garbage Disposal Malfunctions

Sometimes, if the disposal is humming, but food isn’t being ground up as it usually is, then you could have a system malfunction.

Failing Motor

If you have a jammed disposal, this can sometimes e fixed at home on your own. However, if your issue is less of a jam and more of a motor failure, then it needs to be either professionally repaired or replaced. Consult with your local plumbers to determine the best course of action for your situation.

Disposal is Jammed

The first issue you should check is a jammed garbage disposal. Oftentimes, if the disposal hums, it wants to work, but something is preventing the blades from moving. Here are some tips to troubleshoot your garbage disposal:

  • Turn off power to your disposal at the source (we recommend unplugging the disposal entirely)
  • Using a flashlight, check the visible areas of the disposal for any jams or clogs
  • If there don’t appear to be any clogs, use a wooden spoon to gently rotate the disposal impeller ring, then turn the system back on and see if the disposal works
  • You can also try to use an Allen wrench to rotate the garbage disposal manually and see if that solves the issue

If these solutions don’t fix your disposal, you likely have a problem for a professional. Contact your trusted plumbing team at Bailey Plumbing Heating Cooling for more information. (800) 717-1793